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simple webshell scanner

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Hello there, ShellBoy is a useful web shell finder. It simply knows the signatures of active or inactive webshells on the market and looks for these signatures in files on your server.

Latest Release

Please follow github release pages for binaries


ShellBoy is designed as a command line application. You can run it directly by giving the main directory you want to be scanned.

./shellboy –directory=/usr/local/vhosts


args desc
directory Root directory for scan
score Minimum similarity score
minbytes Minimum file size (byte). Default 4kb
maxbytes Maximum file size (byte). Default 1Mb
excludes Excluded file extensions. Empty is disabled
includes Included file extensions. Default empty
help Display this help message
v Verbose mode


Scan only PHP files.

shellboy –directory=/usr/local/vhosts –includes=php,phps

Exclude images files sanning

shellboy –directory=/usr/local/vhosts –excludes=jpeg,png,gif

Change minimum similarity score. This value increases skepticism

shellboy –directory=/usr/local/vhosts –score=75